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Loving math and mime

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In May, I was contacted by Ari Daniel regarding a series of radio pieces funded under the STEM Story Project to appear on the Public Radio Exchange. By August, Ari had contacted us and arranged meeting us at the MoMath MOVES conference in New York City. At the time, we had just returned from performing at the Bridges art and math conference in Enschede, Netherlands.

During the conference, Ari compiled over 8 hours of tape. To the right you see Ari interviewing Tanya in Central Park where we met for our last time of being interview.

Over the following weeks, Ari weaved together a story, focusing largely on my journey of math and mime and folding in Tanya’s constant companionship. The piece is entitled “Loving math and math” and frankly is really a tale of 3 loves, Tanya, math and mime. Click the image below, which was taken by Ari in Central Park, to visit the PRX site and see what you think:

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